postheadericon Dubai desert safari myths

There are so many topics to choose from when talking about desert safari. You don’t live in Dubai, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the beauty of Dubai. When it comes to considering desert safari, do you wonder about the Dubai desert myths? Unlike people who can get ride of the vehicle in a desert, you face the problem. The myth is that it is inconvenient if the car gets stuck in the sand. When the car gets in stuck in the sand, it could be the part of the adventure, so keep on enjoying your day in the desert. You have the chance to see your expert guides rescuing your vehicle from the dunes grasp. Perhaps it will become what you never see before.

The second myth is that the camel ride is only a small walk around the circle. This comment is able to find when reading various reviews on the site. Unfortunately, the reviewers are not informed that Camels have very small eyesight to humans. Hiring or booking a camel ride is not to get the fast ride but to enjoy the view around the desert. When you think that camel isn’t suitable to your desire, it is okay to come back to Dubai and use the camel ride to create the romantic moment during your honeymoon. When you seek the romance of a long camel ride, it can against the myth of desert safari in Dubai.

Is a safari without dune bashing just for old people? However, different person has the different way to challenge themselves. If you have the trauma to get the fast and challenging ride, instead of taking dune bashing, you can take a ride with Camel. The Camel will walk slowly, so there is no fear anymore to the accident associated with the ride.

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